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Supply lists for the 2014-2015 School year


1st Grade

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2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade

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5th Grade

6th Grade

7th & 8th Grade



Volunteers are needed to help monitor Library/Recess!





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Placing Lunch Orders in RenWeb

How to place a lunch order

•    Login to RenWeb

•    Select Student Information – Purple box on the left

•    Select Lunch – White box with green diamond on the left

•    The lunch menu will then appear.  This will show what soup/pasta is being served on that specific day.

•    One the very bottom of that page (you may need to scroll down) click on Create Web Order

•    You will be taken to a screen that lists the meals in chronological order.  If you enter a “1” in the QTY box that will indicate that you want your child to receive that lunch and the total field will then populate with the amount of the lunch.

•    Select each lunch that you would like to order for your child.  By doing the selection you are not creating the charge immediately.  Your family’s lunch account will be charged on the day the meal is served.

•    At the bottom of this page there will be a grand total of the meals ordered and a button labeled Order Items.  By clicking on this button you are creating the web order for your child(ren).


New Crest

A Little Birthday Present to Snows!

By now, you've probably seen our new Snows Crest (and isn't it fabulous!).

Here's the skinny: Last year, Rick Reviglio (School Board President at the time and former student at Snows) found his old felt Snows pennant from the 70's in a box tucked away in his closet. A group working on our school expansion project took one look at it and knew they'd found a treasure — and immediately began work on integrating this design into a brand new school crest. This new design embraces all our school's traditions and what makes our school distinctly unique: Faith, Knowledge, Leadership, Service. You'll see our new Snows crest on our new building, on uniforms, letterhead, athletic uniforms, and lots of fun new items coming soon.


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